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 The Power Within is the first book that I have ever written as some people who are avid readers might easily be able to work that out, writing has never really been a major part of my life but I can't believe just how much fun I have been missing out on all these years, The story is all about Life and just what it could have in store for each and every single one of us, I mean do you yourself know what the next day will bring, will you swan through life and everything will be the same with no surprises or will something happen one morning that will start you on a journey of surprise and wonder of just what is out there, One of the greatest questions that mankind has always asked itself is are we alone and just where did we come from, How about waking up one morning and having to find the answer to that very same question, This is what happens to Johnny, he is enjoying just another ordinary day when suddenly time calls in on him to answer that very same question, I do hope you enjoy it because I have found enjoyment in writing that I never knew existed.                   Happy  Reading,  Neville

      The Power Within


The DYCE Report is the second part to my original book The Power Within, it follows straight after the ending of the first title but, remember there are a lot of new characters so please don't expect it to begin directly from the last chapter.

                                                                       Thanks Again, Neville


The DYCE Report

My Freind From Space.


   My Freind From Space is a title which I thought of while having a soak in the tub, and I have always been one for listening to what your inner voice tells you.

  It's all about a young boy who is finding the world very hard to understand and even everyone in it until he meets a friend from, would you believe it, from out of space, always be careful what you ask for while wishing on a shooting star because you just never know just what you will get in return.

   The title is still in progress as it where so please be patient,



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