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About The Story 

Have you ever wondered, ” What is Life,”
Where did we all come from and when will it all end.
Will it be a creation of mankind or a catastrophe from beyond the stars that will be our small perfect Blue Marbles downfall.
The Power Within is about just that.
It's about life in our modern world today, has mankind evolved into a being which can be proud of what it has become or has it just sold off most of its humanity so it can evolve into a being which no longer wants the responsibility for what it has become.
Do you think we live in a better world today than we did thirty or forty years ago?

Someone is looking for answers and it's fallen to one man to find the answers to the questions that mankind has asked itself ever since it was first able to look up to the stars and the heavens beyond.
Johnny is just an ordinary guy who works for the military, he flies an f16 Raptor for the United States Air Force, he's just a quiet guy who loves his job but the only thing that he really loved was savagely taken away from him early in his life.
This was his wife, she had died from a brain tumour when she was just 34 years of age, they had both swore to be by each other's side forever, but it seemed life had different parts for them both to play.

Without her, his life seemed so meaningless, even though his heart was still beating he no longer cared if it simply just stopped, just what was life for, a question he had never even thought of before her death but now it was all he ever wondered.
He had few friends apart from his squadron at the airbase, the base wasn't only his work, it was his family as well, so when he awoke that morning he just thought it was going to be another ordinary day, then life came along and started to ask him all sorts of questions, he was about to embark on a journey of terror, wonder and inconsolable grief, but just who was in control of this journey because as time went on he soon found out that it wasn't going to be him, will he be able to answer the great questions like why was his wife taken from him, is there order in the galaxy or is it just uncontrollable chaos, these will be the questions which if he was lucky enough he just might be able to find the answers to, that is if he lived long enough.

Welcome to a dark look into the modern world for which is mankind in its present day.

I do hope you enjoy it.



A Little About Myself

     Hi,  I am Neville Todd, I was born in Rothbury and have lived in a small mining village called New Hartley virtually for all of my young life, I have been married but sadly some things are just not to be and therefore divorced, I started work straight out of school at a furniture factory called Delcor Furniture and stayed there for over 21 years of my life, I had some happy years there but sadly with all the problems that life brings I fell out of favour with the work and staff so I woke up one morning and just decided not to go back, I do appreciate the years that I spent there, I met some wonderful people and I do have some very happy memories from there.

I left Delcor and jumped into a driving job to tide me over until I found another job in my trade but I found out that it was the work I was doing that just didn't agree with me anymore so I have stayed with my driving job now for over 17 years and I have been very happy in doing so, you meet some wonderful people driving a bus and as I had largely grown up over the years to be very shy it has helped me greatly to open up to a world for so long that I had felt disconnected from since I was a child.


  I am very new to writing and to be very honest with you it has never really been a priority in my life up until now, that is until my partner decided to write a book and I made the mistake of telling her that I had an idea of a book floating around in my head for years, 

    After a bit of persuasion and a few arms up of my back, she persuaded me to write it down onto my computer just to see what would happen.

  I have to admit that after a few very late nights sitting writing down all that was in my head all of those years I had it finished, it had taken me 8 weeks to finish and I myself am very surprised just at what had been floating around in that head of mine, as with most I suppose I have used certain moments from my own life and most places in the book are real locations that can be found in the real world just to add a little realism to the story, please remember though this is pure fiction so nobody or nowhere are actually connected to the real world.

   I do hope you can find some enjoyment in my little book as I have been unbelievably surprised at just how much fun I have had in writing it.

                                PS,  You will find my partners book on Booksie, it is called, The Runes of Irotara, so please if you're at all interested feel free to take a look at what gave me the motivation to start, All my Love, Sweetheart xx


                                                Many thanks for taking the time to look me up. Neville Todd.


 Just Another Day At The Office

 Hi, I work full time in the Public Transport system for ARRIVA North East, I have been working for them now for over 17 years there now after I quit my first job out of school which I made furniture.

  I have been with ARRIVA for so long now that it seems silly but it was only supposed to be a temporary  stopover until I found another job in my trade but hey," You stay where your happy so they say." Thanks again to ARRIVA for all the years you have stood by me, but there are sad times for all at the moment due to the virus so let's all pray this passes over as quickly as possible, Stay Safe out there, wherever you may be. Neville.

My Books

The Power Within, The Series

Dyce report pic.jpg

Upcoming Titles. 

The Devils Own.

My Friend From Space

My Books

The  Power Within, Preview.

         " The Power Within "

 The Power Within was the first book of what has become the most wondrous journey that I have ever undertaken in the whole of my entire life since childhood, it all started as just an idea to write down something that had been crashing around inside of my head since I was just a teenager.

 I have always been fascinated in space and the thought of life other than our own since long before I found myself lying down on the sitting room floor as just a young boy watching the Apollo missions which became mans first wonderous steps out into the unknown void which we called empty space.

 Even before the scientific community had ever even considered to own up to the fact about the possibility about other life in the Known Universe I was always of the impression that only mankind could be arrogant enough to think that he was the only Intelligent life in the known Universe, and so even to this day this belief has never wavered, so I put to you, as Mulder and Scully would say:

      " THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE ", somewhere of that I am sure.

To look inside book Please click preview.

The Dyce Report, Preview.

           " The Dyce Report "

   The Dyce Report is the second part of something which comes from deep inside of me, I can't explain where it comes from because mostly it comes from dare shall I say it, " The Power Within " of me.

 It is the second instalment of my adventure about life here on our perfect little planet that we all get to call home.

  No matter what religion you may be or where you may live on our simple little world, it is the only thing which holds the key to our survival, we all hold in our hands the continued safety in the health of our world but sometimes there are people who believe that this is their world and they can do with it exactly what they wish despite the wishes of the rest of the world, This is what we Know as World Politics.

   If only the World was protected from all of these threats, and also all the others that mankind has and still is threatening the safety of our perfect little planet and all of the peoples living on her.

  The one protector which it had has been captured by a rogue organisation in the Military and it will fall down to just a very small band of individuals to set him free once more so that mankind's security may be safe to exist for just who knows, Hopefully, Millions of years to come.

Preview not working, to read click the link; The Dyce Report: Todd, N: 9798588483094: Books

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